Lake Oswego Siding Cleaning

Lake Oswego Siding Cleaning

You can remember the new elegant look at your house a few years ago. Do you remember the appeal? But now, the mildew and mold stains make the house look old and ugly. Your house probably needs a face lift. Mold and algae growing on your home can cause discoloring on the exterior. If you don’t take care of this promptly, your house not only looks crummy but also can destroy your walls.
House washing for your Lake Oswego home is an excellent way of improving your curb appeal. Let the team at Lake Oswego Pressure Washing give a new look to your house. Whether your walls are made of aluminum or vinyl, brick, or stucco, we can gently clean your home using antimicrobial washing solutions. You don’t have to be afraid of damage to your walls since the low pressure will take care of that. We use soft wash cleaning techniques to clean the exterior of your home while protecting your siding from damage. We will get rid of build-up mildew and grime clinging to your siding,and gutter faces.
If you live around West Linn, Happy Valley, Lake Oswego, or the Portland area don’t hassle doing it yourself. Let professionals save you the time and energy to do what they do best.

Why Use Our Services

✅ Professional house washing services- The outside of your Lake Oswego home will get a clean new look. While you can opt to do it yourself, it needs the help of our professionals for efficiency.
✅ Mild washing solutions- Other than very small quantities of bleach (where needed), we avoid harsh chemicals to clean the sidings. This preserves the surfaces while making your home shiny again.

✅ Flexible services- we have a solution for any surface on your home, including wood, concrete, vinyl, composite, and others. From decks, patios, siding, and trims, we can do it for you.
✅ Best washing techniques- We use soft washing techniques to clean the exterior of your home. For dedicates surfaces like wood, we prefer soft wash as the most appropriate method.

Why You Need To Wash Your House

Increases the value of your property- Washing your house can help maintain or increase the value of your home. Many people appreciate a clean looking home when looking to buy a home.
Improves the look of your home- If you want to increase the curb appeal of your home, washing it could be what you need. Removing the mildew and mold stains will give your home an attractive, appealing look.
You protect your family’s health- Severe dirt and mold can endanger the health of a family. That’s why you need to wash your house regularly to blast these harmful substances.
Saves you time- As compared to regular cleaning, pressure washing saves you the need to gather materials, cleaning solutions, and the energy needed for scrubbing the surfaces.
If you need top of the line results for your home siding, contact Lake Oswego Pressure Washing today, we’d be glad to give you the best results without risking your health.